A Story in Middleearth Wiki

In A story in Middle-Earth, factions are primarily based on the lore factions existing in the mod. Below is a list of the current factions with at least 1 lord and some brief information. Lords and Kings refer to their status according to the server rules, not necessarily their legal ranks within their respective factions

Light side

  • Anbennar (Lothlorien, formal name Basileia Anbennarion, 2 lords and 1 king technically, 2 kings 6 lords counting associated factions)
  • Gondor (2 lords, 1 king)
  • Erebor (2 lords, 1 king)
  • Fair Realm (High elves, formal name Exarchate of Lindon-Rivendell, 2 lords 1 king, Exarchate in Anbennar)
  • Dorwinion (1 lord, Principality in Anbennar)
  • Woodland (1 lord, Exarchate in Anbennar)
  • The Shire (1 lord)

Dark side

  • Mordor (2 lords??? status unclear)


  • Eastern Dwarves (2 lords)