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Dol Amroth is the captial of the province with the same name Dol Amroth. Its a great fortress near the southern fort of the province. The Fortress is the seat of the famous warriors called the Swanknights.They are lead by the lord Martin one of the youngest lords gondor has ever seen. Hes very popular within his subordinates because after the great ring war, he was the One who take the responsibilty and lead Dol Amroth to a new shine, which hasnt been seen before.

Although the last years was glorious for the province, the amount of raids from umbar corsairs and pirates which sail along coasts of dol amroth increases. The feeling of security within the citizen in the fort but especially in the provinces decreases. The calling for young men to join the army is a addition to that unsecure feeling.

Nevertheless, Dol Amroth is next to Minas Tirith the greatest city of the Gondorian.

In Dol Amroth there various traders and villagers such as:

Loryana - Blacksmith (She sells the "Masterfully Sword", its a pretty good sword)

Estil - Banker

Estlinda - Money Exchanger

Tim - Regional Transporter

Rendal - Post Officer

Arthur - Hunter

Hugo - Horsetrader

Sebastian - Farmer

Lera - Butcher

Koliacz - Scraptrader

Sabine - Baker

Tyrael - Bartender

Ester - Stonemason

Siniai - Florist

Tristan - Farmer

Selina - Bartender

Martin - Lord

What should be noticed is that Bastian is the only general who sells Dol Amroth garrison which is on some points slightly better than the normal gondor ones.

Generally Dol Amroth his highly equipped with quests and storys, for that it is recommended to start a dialog with the lord martin which can be found in the palace of Dol Amroth. With the finishing of the main quest of martin you get the strong paladin armor as artifact.